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We expect the products we purchase to have already been proven safe to use. Unfortunately, faulty products can lead to shocking and unexpected injury. The thought of seeking compensation from a large company or conglomerate can be daunting.


At Feifel Gualazzi, we have the resources and the passion to engage insurance agencies and legal teams representing large companies. We have built our reputation on representing even the most difficult cases and securing compensation for our clients.


We would be pleased to speak with you to determine the strength of your case.



Snowmobiles and ATV use is part of life in a northern climate. Though these machines may be integral to northern transportation, injury from them can be devastating.


If your injuries were caused by a snowmobile or ATV accident, and you believe someone else, possibly even the manufacturer or distributor, is at fault, you may be able to recover compensation. Whether your injuries are permanent or quickly resolved, you need someone who understands the specific differences between a motor vehicle crash and the product liability issues in a snowmobile or ATV injury.


We have made our home in the north and understand our unique culture. If you have been injured in a snowmobile or ATV incident, please contact us.



If you are unable to work due to a medical disability, you may be entitled to long-term disability insurance. However, a denial of your claim can leave you and your family mired in uncertainty. Benefits may change, insurance companies may require a back-to-work plan, or even suggest a change in vocation.


It is our desire to work with you and the team of your caregivers along the course of your recovery. We believe it is important to ensure you will be taken care of for the long term. It is necessary that you be given time to heal so if you can, you will re-enter the workforce at your optimum health. Let our experienced team navigate your claim with the insurance companies.


We truly care about our clients and will fight to the end to bring about only the best resolution.



At Feifel Gualazzi, we understand that any injury sustained due to the action, or even the negligence, of another has the potential to be life changing. While we do engage with some assault cases, we find that many are better suited for criminal court. We will be honest and forthright with you when assessing the merits of your matter. We will only seek to advance when it is in the client’s best interest.


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