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What You Need To Know About Claiming Compensation For A Sports Injury

Sports injury claims

Although participating in sports and staying active can benefit your overall health, there’s always the possibility of being injured. If you’ve sustained injuries while playing a sport due to someone else’s negligence, you may be eligible for compensation. Here’s what you need to know.


The most common sports injuries include: • Fractured bones • Head injuries • Vision and hearing damage • Concussions and spinal cord injuries • Shoulder, knee and elbow injuries You're more likely to be injured in contact sports like hockey, football and soccer.


Regardless of the seriousness of your injury, you should take the following steps if you’re hurt while playing a sport: Get medical treatment. Consult a doctor as soon as possible to get a diagnosis and treatment. Record the details of what happened. Write down the date, time and location of the incident, as well as how it happened and what transpired. If possible, take pictures. Report the incident. Report your injury to the site manager or facility where the incident happened. • Keep records. Keep the receipts or invoices for any expenses you incurred due to your injuries. Taking these steps will ensure you have the information you need to take legal action, if necessary.


Sport injury claims can be difficult to win due to the assumption of risk doctrine. This principle states that when you play a sport, you accept the inherent risks of the activity including the possibility of sustaining a serious injury. Therefore, if you’re injured during the regular course of play, you’re not entitled to compensation. Additionally, many sports clubs, leagues and organizations require players to sign waivers before they can participate. These waivers generally state that you agree to give up the right to hold any person responsible if you become injured while playing the sport. However, the waiver must specify the type of injuries covered. If the wording is ambiguous, it won’t be enforceable. That being said, if you sustain an injury due to someone else’s negligent or excessively aggressive behaviour or unsafe facilities, you may be able to claim financial compensation for medical expenses and more. The best way to find out if you’re entitled to claim compensation is to get professional legal advice.


If you require legal advice about making a sports injury-related claim, the lawyers at Feifel Gualazzi can help. Our team will closely evaluate your case and determine if you’re able to make a successful claim for damages. We also handle cases involving catastrophic injuries and wrongful death. To arrange a free consultation or speak with an accident intake specialist, contact us today.


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